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This is an online course for university-level English Language Teachers who are Iraqi citizens. Limited spaces are available. Qualified participants are accepted and placed on a first-come basis. We keep a wait list for future possible openings and make placements as funds and openings become available. For more information about possible openings for future terms, you can contact:


After UO has confirmed your registration, you will set your own study schedule and learning goals. Are you able and willing to do this? To find out... Take the Self-Quiz: Am I Ready for E-Learning?


...with this site so you understand and are prepared for the work in this course.


...with other educators at your institution or in your area. You can benefit greatly from meeting regularly face-to-face in order to discuss course content and plan projects.


Participants receive certificates upon completion of 70% of the weekly discussions, 70% or more of the weekly blog updates, and an ELT project for a local school or course. Participants who pass the course with an overall score of 80% or higher may be eligible for future training through US Embassy Baghdad sponsors.


FALL 2009: This 10-week online training course for English Language Teachers (ELTs) is offered through the American English Institute at the University of Oregon. Participants in this course will build skills in English language teaching with technology. The overall objective is to enable teachers to understand and use appropriate technology to enhance the learning environment and outcomes for their students.

Participants will create an ongoing record of their work in the course and how the information can be used in their own classrooms using a blog. The weekly reports will also include an update on progress with a technology-enhanced project for each teacher's local school or setting. Learn more…


Throughout each week, you will read about, analyze, reflect on, and discuss articles and resources related to language teaching and learning pedagogy. We will also explore options for incorporating computer-based tools and resources in face-to-face, blended, and online learning environments. Learn more…


We will use the Nicenet course management system for our asynchronous (not in "real time") discussions related to the above readings, resources, and observations. Learn more…


You will update your ongoing reflective blog each week, adding ideas and reflections about how the information you learned can be used in your local school or setting. Learn more…

Summing Up

Every Week Your assignments are due on Sundays at midnight...
  • ... readings + discussions.
  • ... reflective blog update
    (starting in Week 2).
  • ... work on your own project
    (starting in Week 3) .
Every Week Your UO AEI teacher will...
  • ... join you in discussions.
  • ... prepare course content.
  • ... review your weekly blog.
Every Day Use your Work Plan to...
  • ... guide your study choices.
  • ... monitor your progress.
  • ... network with other ELTs.
  • ... be a successful e-educator!