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Student Information

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This was an online course for undergraduate university English Language Learners who are Iraqi citizens.
Fall 2008 - Spring Term 2009 courses are now finished.
We are not accepting new applications at this time.
This course site is available for self-study purposes but is no longer actively maintained.


After you register for and receive a place in the course, you will set your own study schedule and learning goals.

Are you able and willing to do this? To find out...
Take the Self-Quiz: Am I Ready for E-Learning?


Begin e-learning! Go to the Online Reading Circle, or Online Self-Study Sites.

Get a copy of the Weekly Report and Work Plan and make your plan for the first week (closed as of 6/22/09).

Offline: Rosetta Stone or Workbook

The computer labs at some schools had Rosetta Stone software in 3 levels. Every week students completed one or more Rosetta Stone lessons, or a printable Workbook lesson. More...

At the end of every week, students sent their teachers a Weekly Report and Work Plan to show their work for that week, and their plans for the next week (closed as of 6/22/09).

Overview: Weekly Assignments

Fall 2008 through Spring 2009, this was a "self-directed learning" course through the American English Institute at the University of Oregon. Students chose when and what they studied. Every week they chose at least one Reading Circle, one Self-Study Site, and one Rosetta Stone or Workbook activity to do. Read below...

Online: Reading Circle

Every week there were new things to read in the Reading Circle section plus discussions. More…

Online: Self-Study Sites

Every week there were fun new web site activities in the Online Self-Study section. Students chose at least one self-study activity every week. More…

Summing Up:

Every Week in Self-Study
You can finish...
  • ... 1 Online Reading Circle.
  • ... 1 Online Self-Study Site.
  • ... 1 Offline lesson.
Every Day in Self-Study
You can...
  • ...choose assignments to do.
  • your own progress.
  • a successful e-learner!
Closed as of 6/22/09:
Every Week
The teacher...
  • ... joined group discussions.
  • ... answered questions.
  • ... reviewed Weekly Reports.