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Contact Information

Program Partners

  • Ministry of Education (MOE), Chile, English Opens Doors Program.
  • U.S. Embassy Santiago, Regional English Language Office (RELO).
  • University of Oregon, Linguistics Department, American English Institute in Eugene, Oregon (UO AEI).

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff follow, listed in alphabetical order by last name (left to right, top to bottom) for this program.

Projects Information

Course Requirements

All participants are expected to complete a project as part of their coursework, for local implementation after the course has finished.

Project Template

The template for the project is available for download:

Course Policies

Course Requirements

Courses are delivered in asynchronous mode (not in real-time). Participants should plan to be online on a daily basis in order to complete assignments and contribute to discussion threads. However, so long as they meet weekly deadlines, they can do their online work any time and any place at their convenience.

Course Information


"Shaping the Way We Teach English" on CDs and/or DVDs
By the time this online course begins, each participant will have received a set of CDs or DVDs with the "Shaping the Way We Teach English" materials from a local or regional US Embassy contact person. We will use these materials in the course.

"Shaping" Public Web Site
Public information about the "Shaping" product and links to the videos are also available online:

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