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Deborah Healey

Deborah Healey, Instructor

Email: dhealey AT uoregon DOT edu
PH: +1-541-346-3945
FX: +1-541-346-3917

2009 ELT Final Project

Creating a project is part of this course. The goal of the project is to have put into action one or more of the technology-related techniques or tools from this course, with documentation about what the course was like before and after using the new technique or tool.

What are we supposed to do?

Project goal: Plan and put into action a change related to technology use in your classroom.

Fall 2009 Schedule


University of Oregon's American English Institute will offer 10-week Oregon-Iraq Guided Online English Studies (GOES) training courses for English Language Teachers (ELTs) during the academic year 2009-10: Fall 2009, Winter 2010, Spring 2010, and Summer 2010, pending availability of funds. English instructors from universities and secondary level schools throughout Iraq will be participating.


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