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Dark Purple



Authors, Illustration, Narration

  • Leslie Opp-Beckman, Project Coordinator and TESOL Specialist
  • Deborah Healey, TESOL Specialist and Copy Editor
  • Rawan Yaghi, Lebanese TESOL Specialist
  • Jill Cargile, TESOL Specialist
  • Deanna Hochstein, TESOL Specialist
  • Lys Opp-Beckman, Illustrations
  • Rebecca Force, Narration

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Women Teaching Women English (WTWE) is designed by women, for women.

The materials are aimed at ILR Level 1, the target beginning level for Unit 1 of this text. Optional Student Preparatory Materials are provided as a supplement for groups of learners who need additional support. All materials are open access, freely available for use for non-commercial, educational purposes.The most recent versions are available for download as PDF files below.

Women Teaching Women English

Welcome to the Women Teaching Women English (WTWE) supporting site from the authors at University of Oregon.

Women Teaching Women English is designed by women, for women. We want to help women become more skilled in English in order to help themselves build a better future for themselves and their families.

You can visit the Printables section to download materials.

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