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Technical Support


Following are some technical specifications for the use of this site. Whenever possible, files are in formats that use freely available software. Not sure what some of these words are, or need definitions on other computer terms? You can go to iTools and look them up in the Language Tools, Computer Dictionary section.

Operating Systems

Web pages and other files for this site will work on a computer with a Windows 98 or higher and Macintosh OS 9 or higher operating system.

Web Browsers

Recommended web browsers include Internet Explorer for Windows and Firefox for Mac.

Video Specifics

Following are some specifics with regard to the video portion of the site.

Connection Speed

The video files are in streaming media format (delivered at approximately 250kbps). When connecting to the video files, you will have best results with a broadband connection: an ethernet, DSL, or cable modem connection.


Your computer needs to have a video player installed and correctly configured in order to view the video files. You can use Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or QuickTime.